Guide On How To Avoid Scams On Dating Sites

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know about dating online or any dating site and app. With the prevalence of the internet, dating has become really easy and quick. You just need to register, and you open the new world almost without any limits ranging from dating for marriage to discreet types of dating.

With the rise of different dating sites, there’s been an increase in scam sites and platforms full of scams. In other words, being scammed is one of the major challenges or cons of online dating nowadays. If you want to avoid such a problem in the future, this is a simple guide on what you need to know about scams.

What’s a scam?

If you google the term scam, you’ll see quite an elaborate definition. Yet, the simple definition of scams is the deceptive attempt to take your money, time, and attention. In general, you end up with disappointment and lost money. A dating agency or site itself can be a scam, or it can have some scam profiles. Consider this fact, as even top dating platforms might have some scam profiles.

Detecting scams

You might wonder if it’s so important to know more about scams. But did you know that dating scams made about $300 million in the United States last year? In other words, just as the industry and business on online dating services continue to grow, so does the industry of scams. Don’t get scammed to become a part of these statistics.

About scam platforms

The Internet is a place of opportunities for both bad and good people. Not to become a member on bad platforms offering local or international dating, you need to detect such websites so that you don’t spend any cent there. For this, you need to know some common features of scam platforms:

  • Problems with impostor sites: you find a site and click it. Then, you find yourself on a completely different platform, not the one you’ve clicked. Such platforms are impostor ones, indicating that you might be scammed online. Be careful and don’t rush to register there.
  • Not working services: actions speak louder than promises. This is what you need to check. On scam sites, you’ll see that promised services may not be available. Or they might work with glitches, which can happen too frequently.
  • Too many appealing women: when browsing the profile pics, you might feel that almost all ladies have come from the runway. Not all that glitters is gold, isn’t it? Don’t rush to believe that all these appealing ladies are there for you.

About scam profiles

Scam platforms vanish fast enough. Then, new sites appear instead, resembling a vicious cycle. Yet it’s not always a dating site that can be claimed to be a scam place. In many cases, you’ll face scam profiles on a local or international dating agency online. The problematic part is that they can be present even on prestigious platforms. Still, if you know the following, you’ll know how to detect them:

  • Being too far from you: as soon as you register, you’ll get constant messages. They’ll want you to be near them, but they’re so far from you. They pretend to be eager to see you but they can’t afford that. This is how a scam profile tries to catch you.
  • Breaking promises: the scam profile tends to make many promises like to chat or have video calls. Or she may want you to call from her telephone, but something happens. Frequently broken promises can be a sign that you’re being scammed.
  • Information inconsistency: the information you’ll get from the scam profile can seem to be inconsistent. For example, you might learn that your lady has been married twice. Later, somehow, she might say that she’s not married. Such things happen, and this shows that you should avoid that person.
  • Language proficiency inconsistency: information inconsistency isn’t as usual as inconsistency in language proficiency. One day, you’ll feel that your lady is speaking as if she’s a descendant of Shakespeare, but later, she might demonstrate the skills of automated online translation with broken English. Again, it’s a sign to keep in mind.
  • Sudden problems or birthdays: what’s the purpose of a scam profile. It’s about your money. Thus, don’t get surprised if a person you’re communicating with has a coming birthday or someone dies suddenly. She’ll try to play on your emotions to get money from you.
  • Too many confessions: once you become a member you’ll get too many confessions from fake accounts, ranging from sweet to really hot ones. But don’t rush to trust. Your discretion is a must in this case.

About catfishing

Another interesting phenomenon is known as catfishing. It’s a type of scam but with a more professional approach. Here things are more complicated.

How does it work?

In general, catfishing profiles create quite good profiles and it’s hard to get them on inconsistency. Such scams invest in their profiles, and in general, it can be a team behind catfishing profiles. You should be careful not to become a victim of such profiles.

What’s the purpose of catfishing?

The main purpose of catfishing can be your money or your bank account. In some cases, people become victims of catfishing for fun or jealousy as well. So, it’s not all about money all the time.

How to avoid being scammed online?

Scams or catfishing can happen to you. So, you need to be prepared well. Here are the basic tips that’ll save your time and money:

  • Always check the site: the first step should be a smart one, and thus, you need to come up with a site that you can trust. Why not benefit from reading reviews where you can find lots of useful insights and understand whether a site is a scam or not?
  • Don’t rush to trust: start with skepticism. You can chat with anyone you like but avoid sharing sensitive information or any data that can be used against you. Let your partner gain your trust at first.
  • Be careful with your money: rich people attract more ladies. There’s nothing bad about that unless those ladies are scams. So, watch your money and don’t rush to spoil your lady or attempt to impress her with your wealth.
  • Be sure to have a video call: make sure you have several video calls before you continue to date online, especially if you use an international dating site.

Final word

It’s clear that not every online dating service is worth your attention. When you want to start becoming a part of online dating, be sure to be wise and careful enough.

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