The genetic nature of Ukrainian girl

There are many myths about Ukrainian girl. She is beautiful, trustful, family oriented. She has family values, of course, career is important in her life but having loving and caring husband is more appreciated. Ukrainian girl wants to get married until 25 years cause later it would be difficult for her to find the right man when she becomes older. Ukrainian girl is gold digger and want to find rich and wealthy man in her life.

However, these facts does not interfere to make Ukrainian girl is more popular in the world especially among the Western men. Alternatively, why do western men appreciate Ukrainian girls? Let us dig a bit deeper in the history and social influence on women in the whole.

Biological aspect of the Woman

The human brain is similar like the brain of the animal. The instincts of female animal is mostly like human women also. As if every female animal wants to take care about its offspring, the same the woman wants to care about her children. But let’s see how female animal select mate and breed. Here is example of Peacock. Male peacocks begin their courtship displays to attract the peahens, spreading their iridescent tail feathers in a fan shape, strutting back and forth and shaking their feathers to produce a rattling noise to get the peahens’ attention. A peahen will walk through several territories of different males, examining their displays and feathers closely, before selecting a mate ( The same happens with the woman. She is seeking the handsome, rich and wealthy man to be with him and give birth to children from this “man – peacock” because he is brighter and will take care of her and their children together. If “man – peacock” is unpromising, then girl will pass by him and pay no attention to him. Nevertheless, if he does, the woman shall try to look the best to attract his attention, meet with him, and know his better.

Sociological aspect of the Woman.

In 1930’, United States suffered from “Great Depression”. The government of the United States was searching the way out from this crisis and created the idea of “American Dream”. The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success” ( In 1938 it was founded Federal National Mortgage Association or Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae’s most recent advertising slogan is “As the American Dream Grows, So Do We.” ( Mortgage Association proposed mortgage loans to every family to realize its American Dream. It was the beginning of prosperity of American economy. Every American family wished to become richer cause their neighbors will take mortgage and have the house more bigger and smarter. It created the social competition among people especially women. Woman became more career oriented. Cause the idea to become more popular, richer and wealthy is the “American Dream”. So American women was trying to search for prosperous men and if they do not then they become to achieve their aims in their career and family values became on the second position after career grows. Nowadays it become a bit disappointed moment for the American men. If they are not rich and wealthy, they cannot afford to have beautiful and smart American woman as a wife. That is why some Western men are looking for luck to find the wife abroad. Ukrainian girls are the good choice in this way.

The neuroscientists proved that the human gene can be changed under the influence of sociological factors. That is why women in different countries are not the same. There are modest, decent, loving and caring women in every country. Ukraine is not a rich country but people living in Ukraine has family values in traditions and culture. In compare with American women, Ukrainian women value family relations best of all. Nevertheless, the world is growing up and Facebook and Instagram dictate its direction. When the girl watches  posts of happy woman who are rich and prosperous, she feels lonely and helplessness and wants to compensate it. So,  Ukrainian girl wants the same – to have the rich and wealthy man to get married him.

There are different women around the world. It depends from the economy of the country they live in but offers Western men to look for their luck to meet Ukrainian girl. Why knows maybe she will become the right woman in your life!

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