The seven ages of the real Man

The speechAll the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;” is the phrase that begins a monologue from William Shakespeare‘s pastoral comedy As You Like It. It is known to everyone and famous for everywhere.

The idea is that how does the real man act in his ages? How does it look like? In addition, how he should live his life to feel comfortable and happy? The ages are named like in Shakespeare’s play but acts of the real man like in modern society. Here we can see how the real man acts in his ages:

]The infant

It is the very important period of age of the real man. The infant is born as “tabula rasa” without any mentality. It has no feeling no understanding the world around it. Its mother gives its feeling, perception, and understanding of itself. Here it plays the great role the mirror neurons. What feelings he receives from mother the same he observes and produce the same action to the environment surrounding it. Mother should give him care, attention and approval. It is the main feelings of understanding the personality. It grows up, become the child, and performs his behavior and feelings to other children. The more he communicates, the more he understands himself in communication. While the child understands himself, his mother should be nearby to help him and approve or does not approve his behavior. His mother should constantly explain why people behave and act in such way.  When the child understands that, he is significant, he feels comfortable. He has interests and desires to move forward and explore more and more this world, and then he can go to the next age

The whining school – boy

This age begins with the thirst for knowledge, understanding the world and improving himself. Of course, he is not willing in but the real man should be persistent and in his desires. His parents should help him to show interests to learn more about the world. His parents should not afraid his boy can do mistakes in his life. When the boy makes mistakes, he understand himself that he is not right and gets experience of life being. In such way, he studies and teach himself. The real man should understand his mistakes as only as experience, because he should understand his failure as his personal life as experience, and move forward. It is very important when the real man understands this. Because it is the very important rule of life of his age.

The lover

It is the greatest age for the real man. This age is full of ideas and investigations. The real man in this age should get good education and produce the aim in his life. He should find himself in this world and discover his destination. The desire of sex fulfills his thoughts and his gaze falls on every girl. The desire of sex makes him move forward to his aim.

At this age, he gets first experience of first love, sex, alcohol and drugs. He should try everything that he wants to get satisfaction. The real man gets satisfaction not to appease and imitate others. He does it to get his life experience. After all, of that he should have funny memories about his stupid behavior. The more he laugh at himself the more he mature becomes. The real man understands that he lives in this world for the something more, and not for receiving the pleasure all the time, but he leads his life to his goals and achievements. He should never regret about this having fun age. Because he received the greatest experience of satisfaction in his life. When he is ready to move forward to achieve his aim, he can go to the next age.

The soldier

At this age, the real man decides to marry the girl of his dream. By the way, he can find the woman of his dream at He does not need any “mother’s care” and mother’s approval” from his wife. Because his wife is not his mother and he learns to be responsible. So he creates his own family, understands himself being father, takes care of his family. He tried to succeed in her personal life and business or have the job of his dream.

The real man at this age should understand two main rules in his life:

  • Troubles and difficulties will be present every day and everywhere. He should never loose heart and go-ahead to his aim despite the difficulties. He never should guilty others in his irresponsibility. When the real man do not want to take responsibility, he become the victim. The feeling of victim leads to helplessness. “Learned helplessness is the giving-up reaction, the quitting response that follows from the belief that whatever you do doesn’t matter.” Martin E.P. Seligman (
  • Only troubles and difficulties makes the real man resilient. He does not have to afraid of any failure. Because when the real man can conquer the failure, he can feel the real success. “Success is the ability to move from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill (

The real man starts to live with dignity and goes to the next age.

The justice

This age begins with “midlife crisis” in his middle age. The real man starts to analyze and judge his life and what he has achieved in his life. His children are grown enough. He is prosperous and rich. He compares his life with his life destination, with his goals in life. How they are completed. In addition, if they are completed enough, he feels satisfied with his life. If the real man made some mistakes, he should not regret about them. Because these mistakes were his personal life experience. If he still has not found the woman of his dream he always can find her at This age is the period of satisfaction of his life for the real man

The pantaloons

It is the age of wisdom for the real man. It does not matter for him how he has lived his life. There were success and failure and in all of that, the real man sees his advantages. He has a lot of funny stories and experience to share with his grandchildren. Moreover, his grandchildren adore grandpa and proud of him. The real man becomes grandpa and his children and grandchildren always can come to him for the advice and help. He is very happy with his big family and feels happy when his relatives are around him. This age finishes with complete satisfaction of his life, because he has lived his own life and did not take an example from anybody. Now he is ready to move to the next age.

The old age

The life of every person will be finished someday. We should not forget about it. Moreover, knowing it and remembering it should remind every real man that he has to live his life with dignity. The real man in this age does not afraid of the death, because he is satisfied with his life in the whole. He created big family and leads family business and how he can give his heritage to his children. He brought up his children in the right way and he is sure they have the right values in their life’s. He understands that his mission of his life is completed, and he can find eternal rests. Here comes the death and his life is coming to the end.

If you stuck up in some period of your age. Remember, it is never late to start again from the very beginning. You should understand in what age you are now. If you want to feel the real man and live your life with dignity, you should find the right woman of your dream and create family with her. Do not forget, the right woman for the right man is at!

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