Why does Man cheat on Woman?

It is the most popular question for every woman. Every woman wants get the reply on that question, and it is difficult for her to understand why man cheats on. However, the answer is hidden in man’s infancy.

His mother, who became the first example of a woman in his life, parents every man. As mother parents and educates and brings up her small child, it pays great influence on his life in his mature future.

Mother’s care and attention

Every mother should give her son love, care and attention. It is the main sense and feeling of understanding the world. As child receives love, care and attention, so he associates this feeling to himself. Loving and caring the child makes him happy and he learns to express this feeling to people. Nevertheless, if the child does not receive enough mother’s care and attention, the lack of it creates the sense of loneliness, where he is feeling that he needs social contact and not having it, he starts to suffer from the lack of this felling.

If the felling of loneliness is not completed by somebody’s care and attention, this child learns helplessness and has the felling of unwilling to avoid feeling of loneliness cause he learned that he is not deserved to take care of him. And nobody can give him attention. However, the main feeling that the boy wants to receive from his mother is tenderness. If he does not receive it enough he would be searching this feeling in his future partner of life.

Mother’s approval

Every mother should approve and courage her child in his achievements. It helps him to investigate and understand the world better. However, sometimes mother criticizes or picks holes in her child. She wants to bring up her child much better and often sees in her child limitations. The more critical upbringing the child receives from his mother the more feeling of emptiness he produce to feel to himself. He starts to feel the lack of meaning of his life or purpose or aim in his life. He feels helplessness in that he tries to do he does in the wrong way. Such boy would be searching for adventures in his future mature life and the main feeling that he would be needed from his partner is passion as the proof of his significance.

Neurotransmitters and instincts

Every child becomes older and one day he becomes the mature Man. Nevertheless, the initial feelings of care and approval that he was received from his mother created his life style and behavior. Here plays the main role the Dopamine. “Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter. Your body makes it, and your nervous system uses it to send messages between nerve cells. That’s why it’s sometimes called a chemical messenger. Dopamine plays a role in how we feel pleasure.” (https://www.webmd.com/).

The man has two instincts: survival and desire of sex. If the man feels frustrated from the feeling of loneliness or emptiness or has some difficulties in his life, the dopamine is produced in nerve cells and limbic system in his brain. It is trying to search the way out and activate another neurotransmitters – adrenaline and testosterone. These neurotransmitters creates the desire of sex that wish to get satisfaction. To receive satisfaction the man is searching for the woman to have the sex with. After the sex the limbic system of man’s brain, produce the Oxytocin, the hormone that brings satisfaction and calms down limbic and nervous system in the whole. After such satisfaction, the man does not feel frustrated and trying to search the way out of every difficulties and troubles. He feels successful, achieve any goals in his life, and become prosperous. On the other hand, when the man has desire of sex and does not receive it, his limbic system produce noradrenalin and cortisol and make to feel the man more frustrated. The feeling of loneliness and emptiness creates many negative thoughts and some negative emotions appear. The man goes in to the state of “Learned helplessness” and does not want to do or try to do anything.

According to the lack of feelings that man receives in his childhood, the man leads different life style and becomes the definite type of man:

Family oriented type of man

Every man is aware that perception of the woman is connected with love and care. It is the first feelings that was learned by the man from his mother. Wherever man’s mother was giving him care and attention or not he is searching in every woman kindness and tenderness that reminds him about his mother’s care. It does not matter the man has feeling of loneliness or not he will get marry the tender and kind girl with whom he falls love with. However, something depends from the feeling of care and attention that he feels. The more feeling of loneliness he has, the earlier he gets marry his life partner. In addition, otherwise the less feeling of loneliness he has, the later he will want to have family and kids.

When the man gets marry his loving girl, their relations will flourish in love and patience. The man’s brain produces dopamine, oxytocin, and it helps to overcome difficulties, achieve goals in life and create the more prosperous life for his family. But some years later, when there appears kids in his family, difficulties become more complex, because they need more and more responsibility from the man. Again, it needs dopamine and great desire of sex and get satisfaction to overcome it. Nevertheless, the relations in the family with his wife is not so passionate, because she pays more attention to their children and ask her husband to be more responsible and take active part in bringing up the children. The man is seeking the way to reduce his sexual desire that is aroused by difficulties of family relations. One way is watching porn to drain his sexual energy not to prevent to resolve family responsibilities. Another way is searching for mistress or girls from escort agency. It depends from the money he has to invest in his satisfaction. Girl who needs financial support, wants to get acquainted with such man. Because such man is adult, mature, and rich and knows what woman wants, and generous to make presents. So the girl do not mind to take a loving affair with such “Daddy”. However, family relations of this man becomes more complex when his wife guesses about her husband’s love affair. Sometimes it is finished with great quarrels that leads up to divorce.

If the man does not want to take responsibility for his family and relations, he starts to complain on his life and others. He is trying to find satisfaction in games, alcohol, drugs or gambles. The constant critics from his wife makes him dependent of his weakness and he shows “learned helplessness” as he does not know how to find the way out from difficult situations in his life. He starts to lead such style of life. He feels the helplessness and this feeling remains with him until the end of his life until he understands his responsibility before him and his family.

The loving affair Man

If the man did not receive from his mother approval in his childhood and received only critics to his side. He can feel emptiness and this felling can follow him all his life. Such man is afraid of the serious family relations and can marry only after he becomes older 30 years. He will seek the “mother’s approval” in every girl he meets in his life. He can promise the girl he loves her but next day he meets another girl and he promises the same to another girl. He wants to prove himself that he is significant and changing girls and have sex with them helps him to fulfill his emptiness. Nevertheless, the next day when satisfaction of sex disappear he feels the same emptiness to himself. Such man is trying to earn more money, buys and changes expensive cars, drinks a lot of alcohol or uses drugs. He is seeking significance in every material value or in every girl who wants to be with him. Girl wants to get acquainted with such man because he is persistent in making his choice. He knows what he wants and get it. His desire of sex helps him to achieve goals and resolve difficulties. However, his girlfriend should wait a long time when he decides to marry her. Sometimes such man loves loneliness to be with himself, because it does not need any responsibility from him.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This story is about that there are no types of man at all. There is the responsibility that every man have to take for his life. When he can understand that, he does not need any love, care, attention and approval from the woman or somebody. When he recognizes that love and care he can develop in himself, he would not need any “mother’s approval”. He can find satisfaction in parenting his children or achieving goals in his business. Then he can become the real Man. However, such real man needs real woman. Dreamonelove.com offers such choice for the real man to find his real partner in his life!

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