Pretty Woman

Pretty Alena 32

Pretty Alena 32. Character

Pretty Alena 32 is very pleased that you are looking at me and my profile I hope that you are interested in getting to know each other more. I believe that through the Internet we can get to know each other and understand each other before to check the chemistry in real life! The Internet is not a place where people can be happy, but the Internet is a place where we can find happiness, find love and get all this happiness in reality!?

Pretty Alena 32 works as a school teacher! Alena doesn’t have a big family and they live far away from me, so is nothing here that will keep me from going to meet a new happiness! I don’t make justify, I don’t make empty promises! I understand if you think I’m too young, but my life has been complicated and I know what I want! I’m a free woman, so I’m ready to give up everything in order to get new happiness! I understand that everyone has their own secrets. I’m willing to share mine with you. I try to treat people the way I want to treat me! I’m a simple woman and I just want simple happiness. Am I asking too much?

Pretty Alena 32. Interests

Pretty Alena 32 likes to do many things. Depends on your mood and amount of free time. She likes to read, to cook, to eat, watch movies, walk in the fresh air, and enjoy nature, traveling, tennis, cycling, but I don’t do it very often hehe. Alena likes sports, I like to watch sports on TV and special sport that I want to have only with my man hehe I really like listening to music. I love different types of music. I love to cook or clean and listen to music at the same time. It lifts my mood. But I would rather spend the weekend in the arms of my man, whom I hope to find here

Her Type of Man

Pretty Alena 32. What I’m looking for here on dating site? I’m just looking for my man. Alena doesn’t have criteria about what my man should be like. I don’t know what hair color my man will have, I don’t know what height my man will have, I don’t know what country my man will be from, I don’t know what age my man will have. I just trust my heart. My heart is open and sincere and when I meet my man I will feel it!

And from now on, he and I will be happy together. I believe it! I want to find a man who will be happy to be with me, a man who will let me take care of him. Be together forever and enjoy every day together. Just you and me close, hand in hand. I believe I can find my man. May be it you?

Pretty Alena 32

Pretty Alena 32 wants to find a kind and honest man who wants to meet a girl online and then make real time together to feel the chemistry between us! Do you believe in fate? Do you believe in soul mates? I believe I can find my man. And I’m ready to make my man happy. Are you ready to be happy with your woman? Are you ready to be happy in reality? On this dating site, I am looking for a man who will be older than me! By the fact I think it’s good when a man is older than a woman! Such a man knows better how to take care of a woman and how to build a good relationship! I have no problems with age and I am ready for a real relationship in reality.

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